Film Muse: "3 Women" (1977)

Film Muse: "3 Women" (dir. Robert Altman)
Hey guys. Another Film Muse post but this time we are bringing it back to the '70s with Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall in the film "3 Women" directed by Robert Altman. The first time I watched this movie I fell asleep (I was really tired), but the second time I was actually conscious and I really enjoyed it.  

If you haven't seen the film, its basically about a bonked out girl (Spacek) who ends up working in a nursing home and befriends her future roommate (Duvall). The film voyeurs into their odd friendship in a tight knit small town.   The whole movie has this eerie soundtrack that doesn't seem to be placed in correctly until you realize that Sissy Spacek is in the movie so some fucked up shit will probably happen in the near future.  

I'd like to give a shout out to the person who did the styling for the film.  Duvall's character always wears the cutest southern bell meets 70s-newlywed-hot-housewife outfits. I loved her yellow outfit and how the pieces were meant to be warn as a set. Why don't we do that now? Ahh, right - Cosmo would call it too "matchy-matchy".  I also wanted to mention the twins that probably shared one line. Their matching walk, outfits, hair, DRINKS, just added to the eeriness of the town. And of course, Spacek's modest pastel pinks and long braids perfectly describes her character- the younger sister type that would probably steal your clothes once you went to school.  Also, I have to say I'm really vibing the '70s hair. Amazing. 

Overall, from an aesthetic point I really liked this film.  The colors, the closeups, and the setting made everything work so well. The story can draw long for us 21st century viewers, but stick around for the movie - if anything for at least the styling. 

Anyways, thats it.

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Lauren Rose
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Fashion Fantasy Land- Romance Was Born RTW S/S 2013/14

(All photos above from Vogue

I must admit, I usually don't lust over fashion shows these days.  Not to say that there isn't great work out there, but my problem with certain collections is that if you don't vibe with the designer's inspiration, you're not going to like a single outfit in the entire show.  But alas, every now and then I can't help but praise those who seem to just embody my brain.

(Photo from Style Bubble)

Cue Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, the designers behind Romance Was Born.  This specific collection (RTW S/S 2013/14) particularly blew me away. The things that stuck out for me the most were the phosphorescent colors, mod 60s/70s silhouettes, small and repeated details, and the fluid movements.  I heard that the outfits are supposed to be reminiscent of the Disney princesses (since Disney sponsored the show). I mainly picked up on the Alice In Wonderland reference, the last blue outfit reminding me of the caterpillar's smoke rings. I also enjoyed the shoes which were haloed in a tulle material which immediately reminded me of fish gills underwater. The playfulness of what looked like revamped '70s nightgowns accompanied by flowy textured bell bottoms ultimately sold me.  The Japanese style pastel goth hair/ makeup didn't hurt either. 
 (Photo by Karen Roe)
 (Photo by Karen Roe)
(Photo from Style Bubble)

On a different note, I loved the runway design by Tanya Shultz. Apparently it was inspired by "xylophone covers of The Smiths and Smashing Pumpkins"(Vine) - very rad. It makes me miss seeing/making installation works. The amount of detail and phosphorescent colors blended magnificently in with the collection.  It reminded me of the film Fantastic Planet for some reason. The surreal aspect, the organic shapes and mounds, the sparkly crystals, etc. 
(Fantastic Planet stills)

Anyways, that's my inspiration of the day. Hope you liked it as much as I did.

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Lauren Rose
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