Art Muse: "Buy Now, Cry Later"

Art Muse? Yep. 

When I think of artists I actively seek and enjoy, there aren't too many. To be honest, the contemporary art world mildly terrifies me. I'm a visual person: I like montages, powerful imagery, attention to detail. I like certain color palettes, aesthetics, and art with elusive but somewhat approachable deep meanings. Basically -when I see a blob of paint on a canvas, it just doesn't get me going. 

What is art anyways? A tampon in a teacup?  I find myself pulling an Enid most of the time.

(still from my Film Muse: 90's Pop Cult Movies video!)

When I saw Patrick Martinez's work though, I immediately thought of some of my favorite film idols: Harmony Korine and Gaspar Noé.  I'm talking neon lights, hip hop culture, and commentary on present day America.  Martinez recently held a show at the Public Functionary in NE Minneapolis called "Buy Now, Cry Later". I had seen a photo of his work in the City Pages and was blown away when I gave him a Google.

Neon signs - signifier of podunk Americana gas stations and Chinese restaurants. They stay on all night, falsely comforting, illuminating deserted streets.  Low hums of constant buzzing. Martinez, born and raised in L.A. California, uses these neon signs  adding his own commentary on Americana culture. The commodification and blending of cultures, the never ending presence of junk food, and the reality of what it means to acquire success in the U.S.A. today. 

He uses a mix of neon signs and acrylic paint for his installations, which I think is a really rad concept. Some of his work incorporates Muhammad Ali, Tupac, and Nas lyrics - being born into an era of hip hop/sports culture. He has agency, he has inspiration, and he has a voice. 

One of my favorite pieces of his is called "Inflatable Thug". I haven't seen it in person, but the concept is awesome. It's a life-sized cast iron "thug"/water fountain sporting water guns and an inflatable body. It gave me a Spring Breakers vibe - a humorous take on "thug" culture with deeper and darker meanings.  

Overall I think Martinez has a good head on his shoulders. You can tell that he draws a lot of his inspiration from things around him, showing authenticity and honesty. I personally can't wait to see what he has in store. With that, I'm going to leave you with a link to his website http://www.patrickmartinez.com/ so you can check out his work on your own.

Keep it cool, 
Lauren Rose
Curbside Fashion

*all images are from Martinez's website, give them some love*


TV Muse: Roswell (1999)

 Roswell or Bust.

When I was 11 years old I used to lie awake at night clicking through T.V. channels until four in the morning. Insomnia? No. Strange addictions to crappy television shows? Yes.
With that being said, aliens have always had a special place in my life. I used to sit for hours watching UFO reenactment shows on the Travel Channel until I'd fall asleep. Preoccupied by conspiracy theories, I was determined that there was something out there- and that someone was HIDING THE TRUTH FROM US. 

Anyways, during my preteens I vaguely remembered an alien based show called Roswell on The WB playing after 7th Heaven, yet I never really gave it a go until my last few years of high school. Best decision ever.

Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico.  Liz Parker and her best friend Maria are two teenagers stuck working at a podunk touristy restaurant when one day a fight breaks out among two truckers (of sorts). A bullet fatally strikes through Liz, that is until Max Evans (a mysterious boy from high school) steps in and magically heals her wound amid the chaos. 

Liz later goes on to search for the truth behind Max's healing power, discovering that him and his two friends (siblings) are indeed ALIENS. Oh - and the kicker? Her current boyfriend's father is the town sheriff, determined to find ALIENS and exterminate them. Amazing, right? 

This show is a classic love story between an extraterrestrial and a human being. It's got the Twin Peaks mystery vibe going on - but a bit more hip and current (1999-2002). Familiar faces appear, like Shiri Appleby (Girls), Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy), and Michael Horse (Twin Peaks). It's the perfect teen drama with a sci-fi flare that would make most real sci-fi nerds want to reject humanity. It's basically Twilight

(outfit inspo much???)

So obviously the show is really bad - did we get to that yet? But that is what makes it so good. It is probably the ONLY show that truly represents my curated early 2000s millennial vibes. Remember when everyone was so excited to be in a shiny new era? How everything was suddenly "metallic" inspired? How we were all so intrigued with believing in aliens and discovering outer space - that is - before NASA stopped getting funds?? This time period was such a hyper materialistic moment, right before 9/11 and the start of the U.S.A's ongoing economic depression. It was beautiful.

I love this show for it's insanity, it's indulgence. Roswell ,New Mexico is the center of all my visions associated with this outlier of a time.  

The first two seasons of this show are PRIME.  Later it gets a bit weird and tangent-y, but I highly suggest watching it. You owe it for nostalgia's sake! Let yourself melt into a world of silver and neon green, desert valleys, and hot teen pheromones. 

P.S. Shout out to the hunky Jason Behr (Max) who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this T.V. Muse (will this be a new thing?).

Keep it cool!
-Lauren Rose 
Curbside Fashion

(P.P.S. all screen caps are from the Pilot episode!)