Film Muse: L'Enfer (1964)

Hello Curbside readers!
As college is coming to an end, I have finally gotten around to making a post about one of my newest film finds: L'Enfer (1964) by the French director Henri-Georges Clouzot. The beauty is that this actually isn't a feature length film. Story goes that Clouzot got an unlimited budget to make the film (which was creatively daunting), and due to many complications - never finished the film.  It's sort of a shame because the cinematography and lighting work were both insanely well done. You can see bits of the film in a documentary by Serge Bromberg if you look hard enough.

There are so many aesthetic appeals in the film that I subscribed to. Light movements of psychedelic reds, greens, and blues juxtaposed by scenes of soft '60s pastels reflecting the film grain. Lacy demure night slips versus lustrous translucent coats. Blue lips (a coloring trick) accompanied by classic '60s power hour eyeliner. The list goes on. 

I think sometimes we forget about lighting and colors within our own wardrobes. For example, the possibility of creating illusions (shout out to the holographic trend, '90s glitter fair hair, etc). I think the film really sparks the core appeal of fashion: aesthetics. It leaves the audience in aw by showing the possibilities of beauty within living. Even though the film wasn't completed, passion within the visual images still remain. It challenges me to bring the same intensity into my own perspective of the world and my wardrobe.

That's it I suppose. If anything, take it as eye candy. Wish I could have written more about it, but this is just the type of thing you have to vibe with on your own.

See you in the summer,
Lauren Rose
Curbside Fashion

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  1. This must have been the movie that influenced Invisible Light by the Scissor Sisters? Everything about it...hnnnnnng awesome.

    1. Nice! I have never seen that music video. That's pretty rad how the paid homage to it!

      -Lauren Rose

  2. your taste in films is perfect