Surviving High School 101

High School. 
To be honest, I don't remember much of it. 
(My friend Nyala and I, senior year)
I remember being insecure with my weight, making AWESOME friends that pushed me out of my comfort zone, and then keeping other friends that just let me be my boring-film-nerd self. I remember having the worst math teachers (except for maybe one) and somehow passing each class I endured. I remember car rides with boys that I probably shouldn't have been with and I remember trying so hard to make my high school experience be like Dazed and Confused, even though it would never come close. 

But I made it out, even if I chose to block out some of the non-movie-worthy parts. I morphed into a semi-confident girl who then morphed into a HEADSTRONG FEMALE via college who makes mistakes but is totally an a-okay person at the end of the day.

With that being said, I brought back some tips I gave about surviving high school from an old blog of mine- for those who still have to deal with it. Here we go: 

1. Find friends: Sounds easy, but sometimes it's not. You might not find Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type friends, but be open to everyone - especially your first year.  Even if you don't find best friends, its nice to have people to be with on the weekends, to learn from them, to goof around. Introduce them to your interests. They just might like the same things as you.  If you can't find friends, lone wolf it.  It might suck, but you will get through it. 

2. Find a hobby: It can be a sport, painting, filmmaking, Youtube, WHATEVER! It doesn't even have to be a school related hobby. Having a hobby to preoccupy you is the best thing you can do, especially if you don't have many friends. I had to take an art class for a credit at my school and I found that I loved hanging out in the art room because the people were open minded and easy going (code for: GOOD VIBES).  With the help of some awesome teachers I did drawing and sculpture, eventually winning a national award for one of my pieces. Who knew that joining an art class for a measly credit would open a new world of understanding art, as well as understanding people? 

3. Actually study for your ACTs/SATs: Yes, society is messed up for judging you on your ability to take a test - but it's happening. Top colleges will hardly look at your applications if you don't meet a certain score.  As much as it makes me want to rip my hair out, PLEASE STUDY FOR THOSE STUPID TESTS. Even if you don't want to go to college, take them anyways as a backup. Take the tests early, and study for them as hard as it might be. If you don't do well, make up for it (see next tip).

4. Do good things: Volunteer, get a job, participate in things outside of school, etc.  Especially if you are a bad test taker (like me), having these things on your application will give you a great advantage over others. Make a resume, as daunting as the task might be! Don't be afraid to recognize all of the good things you've done. You will feel like an accomplished bad ass if you just do good things

5. Don't be an asshole: Do I need to say anything else? We all know those people who need some bad karma, or better yet, a punch to the face. Don't be those people. Be tolerant, don't make fun of the quiet ones, and don't act like a 5 year old. Enough said.
(Okay, not enough said. Obviously, traditional bullies suck. But what's even worse is when your own friend becomes a bully by emotionally manipulating you. DO NOT MESS UP A PERSON'S PSYCHE because you want to feel better. Just don't. )

6. Don't date for the sake of dating: You'll see that creepy senior eye your best friend, or your best friend might even hook up with a nasty frat-boy-to-be just to lose her V-card. Don't get me wrong - it's their body, their choices, etc - but it has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. The pressure of dating is huge in high school, but don't give into it if you aren't ready. Exploring your sexuality and having a good time is AWESOME, but if it doesn't feel right: don't do it.  I'm serious. Have you ever seen Never Been Kissed??? There IS a happy ending. Sometimes just not in high school.

7. Be smart: High school has always been a huge cliché for drinking and doing drugs. I say do what you want to do, but be smart. Take it easy on the red cups, DON'T drink and drive, and be with people that you trust. If you ever feel like you were taken advantage of - tell your friends. Heck, tell your TEACHER. You don't want people to get away with that type of bullshit for the rest of their lives. High school is a time to experiment, but remember to realize that in the real world - drinking and drugs are not everything. 

So there you go.
And as a special treat for all of you awesome weirdos out there, here is some 1990's cinematic GOLD. It's called "Dirty Girls", a documentary about teenage outcasts in a typical "All American" high school that I discovered last winter. Apparently they filmed a follow up documentary, when are we going to see it guys?

 LASTLY, I will bid you farewell with some tough words that you might not like. You know those people who say high school was the best time in their life? I'm going to explain that to you. And no, it's not the "they peaked to early" speech. 

You are young. When you reach 18 and your parents stop sheltering some of you, you are going to have to deal with things like bills, loans, apartment searching, careers, and LIFE. The reason why so many people look back at high school with nostalgia is because high school is a time when you don't have too many "real world" responsibilities. With that being said - you have to deal with a lot of other shit like hormones, heart breaks, and dillweed teachers.

So what. You don't like your life in high school? Make it an art project. Cherish each day, and realize that if it's a shitty day - your life will be IMMENSELY better once you get out of there. 

Keep it cool, 
Lauren Rose


  1. This post is pretty cool. I like the video. I wonder how her life is now...

  2. Thanks, I really needed this. Amber and Harper are incredible, to put it lightly.


  3. I just have to say that is a top-quality post Lauren. You preach it.
    I'm in high school myself and I don't think it's been that bad so far. But I think you really nailed what had to be said about the matter. You're such an inspiration, honestly. Team Lauren! :)


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  5. Great advice! Going to try and make the best out of my Senior year. :)