Moodboard - S/S '13

(Left to Right: The Doom Generation still, Unknown, Pageant Girls by Petra Collins, Unknown Gwen still, Unknown Spice Girls Still, James Huang, Unknown, The Doom Generation Still, and Unknown)

  So I thought I'd make a moodboard for today's post. Since in my last video I talked about the glam '70s/millenia 2000s vibes I thought I'd show you some visuals that pretty much embody my brain at the moment. Actually, now that I look at this it's mostly focused on the millenia half but you get the point nonetheless.

I've been thinking about the summer recently and what I'm going to do with it.  I originally planned on taking summer classes at my college in May to get ahead, but I might not pursue it because the financial aid will be beyond shitty. Plus, I don't want to burn myself out for the upcoming school year. Which leads me back into the post vibe - road trips.

For those who haven't seen The Doom Generation, its a hyper stylized film about 2 teenagers who are trying to escape their seemingly messed up lives.  They encounter strange places and psycho characters along the way.  It makes me sort of reminisce on all of the absurdity that lies in the outskirts of the U.S.A. The joke shops, touristy destinations, etc. It'd probably be super depressing to constantly reside there (shown in the movie), but popping in on a road trip and leaving when you want just seems so appealing to me in a voyeuristic way.  

Something else I've been inspired by recently is the concept of Roswell New Mexico/Aliens. I remember staying up late and watching crappy reenactment shows about alien abductions on T.V. as a kid. It just makes me really intrigued how so many people across the world believe in it whole heartily and dedicate their lives to exploring the matter.

Anyways, I guess what this all comes down to is mystery. What's still out there? What can I document? Maybe that's what I'll do over the summer - get some money together and bum it across the U.S.A. More fashion inspiration on this topic will be coming soon!

Much love, 
Lauren Rose
Curbside Fashion 

(P.S. I watched this documentary called "Kurt and Courtney" on Netflix last night. I never knew there were hardcore conspiracy theorists that thought Kurt was murdered. I liked when they showed people from his past (his aunt/ex girlfriend), you can really see the impression he left - it's actually super depressing. Also Courtney is kind of displayed in a bad light (then again it's hard to make her seem like a saint), but her dad is the biggest asshole on earth. Wow. That is it, over and out. )


  1. I love your blog and YouTube channel. Do you have an instagram?

  2. Beautiful moodboard!

    I have a question to you about "Kurt and Courtney". I saw the documentary about 2 weeks ago and it kinda made me really angry. The interviewer seemed so rude to me, he interrupted almost everyone he was talking to and he acted as if he was the one who wants to reveal the truth but actually he didn't let people finish their sentences. And at one point el duce says he knows who killed kurt and the interviewer doesn't even ask him about it! Which is crazy because he would have maybe mentioned an important person that could have been interviewed. And he kinda attacked Kurts best friend which I think was really disrespectful.

    So to me it really felt like he didn't really want to find things out but he only wanted to spread his opinion subtlely by acting as if he is actually trying to find out. Kurts best friend even said that he regrets being in the movie because he was misled about it's intentions. The movie really dissapointed me cause I didn't feel it was honest.

    Now that was a long explenation I'm really sorry. I just wanted to ask if you felt the rudeness of the interviewer too? Did you feel that something was weird about the movie? Did you have the feeling that they were genuinly trying to solve the mystery? I would love some thoughts from you on the movie.

    Keep up the great work (both blog and youtube), I'm a huge fan!