The Loon Sweater Returns - OOTD

Lazy Tuesdays. Can we make that a thing?

I thought I'd share my go-to lazy outfit with you all.  The first thing you need for this look is a horribly gaudy loon sweater (Minnesota's state bird might I add!). This bad boy was thrifted circa 2009 at my local Value Village. There happened to be a turtleneck attached to it, but we had to part.  On the topic of ironic ugly sweaters, I wanted to share a quote with you from an interview with the director John Waters by Hazel from Rookie Mag:

"...If you buy the ugliest sweater and it's funny, I think that's fine. You still look hot in it. You don't wear it to look ugly. You wear it because you're so hot an ugly sweater can't make you look bad, and that's a great look"
- John Waters

I dig it. 

Lastly, I paired it with my super comfy American Apparel Easy Jeans in black (nice investment, literally wear them 5/7 days a week). Since I'm Up North, it's function over fashion with my Sorel boots. No shame. 

(screen shot of some video I took of the place, look how cute it is!)

Before I leave- I must give an update on the thrift shop I was planning on going to. It was closed. Again. My heart. Is broken. I'll give it one last chance before I hit the road tomorrow morning, but I can't get my hopes up.  I might have to wait until the summer to visit when business is flowing.

Much love.
Lauren Rose 
Curbside Fashion


  1. I actually love the look of those boots

  2. Oh, Lauren you look amazing and comfy in this outfit.
    it looks really cold and it is almost april already! you must be craving for spring?
    I do at least and the netherlands barely have a cold winter ;P

    1. Aw thank you! It doesn't really get warm until May here, sadly :(
      Much love from the U.S.!
      -Lauren Rose

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